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In-house Tooling

With separate tooling workshop, all the forging dies are made in house directly. The precision of forging dies will play a decisive role on the accuracy & quality of copper forgings.

Copper Forging

All the coppers forgings produced in CFS Forge are closed die hot or cold forged. With forging presses from 300t to 1,250t, we could supply custom service for copper forgings with max. weight 15kgs.


Sometimes, forging can not meet the demands of dimensional tolerances, CFS Forge has separate machining workshop and our in-house machining service will ensure us to supply finished components to our customer with less cost and less lead time.

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What Else We Provide

Redesign Service

To ensure the copper component designed can be forged, or reduce the production cost, we can offer redesign service for our customers if the original design is not so ideal.

Heat Treatment

To remove internal stress, annealing is usually done in our company after forging.

Surface Treatment

To smooth surface or achieve a certain surface effect, a series of surface treatments can be carried out. Main surface treatments include: shot blasting, pickling, and electroplating (silver painting, tin plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, ect).

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Our Company

CFS Forge has been providing copper, brass and bronze forgings to our overseas customers since 2001. Based on closed die hot forging process, our copper forging company can supply OEM services for copper forgings ranging from 0.01kg-20kgs.

Currently, our factory covers 20,000 squre meters and has totally 230 staff, with 198 workers, 6 engineers, 8 QC person, 10 sales person and 8 administrative staff. In our forging workshop, there are 6 production lines in different production capabilites for all types of forged copper parts. Except forging workshop, we are also equipped with tooling workshop, machining workshop, heat treatment workshop, testing & package workshop.

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Copper Forging Process

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