Brass Fittings

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Brass, an alloy (primarily) of copper and zinc, is one of the most common forging materials used for making fittings. Of course, there are also other metals can be used to forge fittings, such as stainless steel or aluminum. Brass fittings are in high demand because of some inherent properties which make them superior than other materials. Brass fittings are mainly used for water, gases, chemicals, fire sprinkler systems, etc. Brass fittings made by forging and machining are available in a wide variety of shapes and thread sizes to connect, control any air or liquid flow in a pipe or tube.

Brass fittings give its good corrosive resistance, and also its plating, joining, polishing and finishing characteristics. Brass as a material is easily machined and so can be given any shapes of the various types of fittings available. For the strong and durable characteristics, brass fittings are widely used in industrial, automotive, and truck applications.

• Relative Softness of Metal Provides for a Tight Seal and Ease of Installation.

• Brass provides a more solid platform (vs. plastics) to facilitate the flow of air and liquids.

• Brass fittings have excellent high temperature ductility and a reasonable cold ductility.

Types of Brass Fittings

Forged Brass Fittings


Forging of Brass Fittings

Forging is the metal shaping process that presses, hammers, or compresses metal into a desired form. This process creates metal that is exceedingly strong. Unlike castings, metal that is forged is never melted. It is softened so it can be manipulated. The forging of metal results in creating products that are stronger and more resilient than any other process of metalworking.

Brass forging process starts from cutting brass rods or bars into desired length, then heating and pressuring them to form parts while owing their durability and overall quality to the unique pattern of grain flow that is an inherent result of the forging process. During forging process, the metal is shaped under extreme pressure causing the grain structure to elongate and form new grains that have a fiber-like quality. The brass forging process re-orients these fibers in conformance to the contour of the part. This double working compacts the metal into a dense non-porous part that will withstand oil, gas or air at high pressures without leaks. It also improves mechanical properties, providing higher impact strength and fatigue resistance.

Brass forged fittings are quality parts, comparing favorably in material integrity, dimensional tolerance and surface finish with products made using other major metalworking processes. Forged brass fittings have superior density and freedom from flaws. Forming under heat and pressure in precise closed dies produces dimensional accuracy-always repeatable, part to part and lot to lot. Excellent surface finish with a clean lustrous appearance is readily available with brass forgings.


Forged Brass Fittings Made in China

CFS Forge, the top leading brass forging manufacturer in China, is committed to producing forged brass fittings to the highest quality specifications. Our forging technique offers a wide range of outstanding benefits over other manufacturing processes such as machining from bar stock or casting. Our automatic forging process goes beyond conventional forging with incredibly fast production rates. The final result is a stronger part, with less waste and lower cost.

Key benefits include:

  • Redefines the grain structure creating a stronger part
  • Less distortion during heat treatment
  • Material cost reduction by producing parts with near-net shape; less material waste
  • Better control over outside dimensions and surface finish when compared to castings
  • Complex and sophisticated designs can be realized through forging
  • Elimination of porosity
  • Lower tooling cost when compared to casting

At our brass forging company, we produce an array of forged brass fittings from rod stock to near-net product in less than half a second per part. Our value added machining service enables us to supply finished brass fittings to our customers. Pls contact us once you are soucing custom service for your brass fittings with good pricing & quality in China.

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