Brass Forging and Machining for Air Conditioning Valve Body & Fittings

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Air Conditioning Valve Body & Fittings

Air conditioning system relies on numerous different components in order to keep you and your family comfortable during the heat of summer. Even homeowners with little knowledge of air conditioning mechanics recognize the names of such components as the compressor and the condenser. Few, however, are aware of the component known air conditioning valves.

Without the valve, the refrigerant would rush into the evaporator coil without losing any of its pressure. The valve permits only a small part of the refrigerant to enter the coil. As this refrigerant enters, it suddenly finds itself able to spread out in the relatively empty evaporator coil. This expansion causes its pressure to rapidly drop. The temperature drops right along with it.

A complete air conditioning valve consists of valve body, fittings and other plastic parts. Most valve body and fittings are copper hot forged, then machined.


Brass Forging and Machining for Air Conditioning Valve Body & Fittings

Brass Forging for Air Conditioning Valve Body

Brass Forging and Machining for Air Conditioning Valve Body and fittings

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc and it is said to have been discovered in the Black Sea area of the world around the end of the first century. The Roman Empire used brass to make coins. From that time forward the flexibility of brass has been utilized throughout the world in multiple applications including air conditioning valve. For many centuries brass components were cast, but over time it was determined there are significant advantages to using the forging process rather than the casting process.

The advantages of brass forging for air conditioning valve body and fittings include:

  • Brass forging provides higher production rates over casting.
  • There is greater material strength in forged valve body and fittings due to the total absence of porosity.
  • Brass forging improves the mechanical properties of air conditioning valve body and fittings, because of the closeness of the grain flow.
  • The absence of porosity and inclusions also significantly reduce scrap.
  • The ductility of brass at forging temperatures allows for the easier formation of complex valve body or fittings.
  • The superior surface finish produced from brass forging over casting
  • The closer tolerances and net shape accuracy of brass forged valve body and fittings provided by brass forging reduce machining operations.
  • Substantial material savings are generated due to the coring process along with the reduction in flash.
  • Longer machine tool life is experienced due to the absence of the inclusions seen in casting.
  • Lower Forge tooling costs over casting tooling.

CFS Forge is a Chinese company specialized in brass forging and machining for air conditioning valve body & fittings. Our aim is to offer the most effective solution for any specific need. This is why we personally take care of all stages of production, from tooling to scheduling machine cycles, right through to the finished product. Pls contact us if you have any inquiry on brass forging and machining for AC valve body & fittings, we will offer you our best prices with fast delivery.

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