Brass Forging Company in China

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Brass Forging is the forging process of brass alloys, which is one of the popular manufacturing process for precision brass components. By brass forging, we can creat net or near net shape brass parts.

Why Make Brass Forging In China?

Brass Forging China

You may hear from someone that the quality of brass forging from China is not good, but still there are many overseas companies purchasing brass forged components from Chinese companies, some of them with big volume demands even set their own sourcing office in China. Are those companies silly? No. The answer is China brass forging companies can manufacture high-quality brass forgings as good as American and Europe companies, while can offer much lower price, this is why brass forging companies outside China lost their jobs.

In China, now more and more brass forging companies hire technical sales who are good at technique and English communication. As we all know, the technique requirement is the most important thing for a brass forging project, and now a lot of Chinese brass forging salesman is good at CAD drawing, materials choosing and mold making process, so they can communicate with the partner engineers very well. To make a new forged brass part, the drawing is the first thing and then analyze how to make the mold before forging, so the key point is how to make the suppliers’ engineers and your companies’ requirements connection. Just like our factory, we have cooperated with a American and United Kingdom companies for five years. We work well if you have a new custom brass forging project next time, you can send your drawing or sample to us to have a test.

After many years’ improvement, brass forging manufacturing becomes a mutual industrial in China, there are well developed industrial chain, many well-trained forgers, well-educated business developing and project management employees. Despite they are paid 2/3 less than in the US, they make first class brass forgings like your brass forging company did in the US.

Why Choose CFS Company?

Were you able to find a good source for brass forging parts? You may find out there are very few Chinese manufacturers that could satisfy your companies’ needs. We are a Chinese company with our own forging and machining factory in Ningbo China. We build very precise and high-quality brass forgings exclusively for companies from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy etc. We have very good forging equipments (ranging from 200 tons to 1,000 tons) and machining equipments including NC lathes, CNC, etc. Our brass forging engineers are good at English and mold technologies, so our company is easy to communicate with. Feel free to let us know if you are finding a brass forging factory in China.

We are a unique hybrid solution for dealing with American and European companies but getting better Chinese prices. We will be glad to analysize your drawings and work closely with our customers for a perfect solution with the most cost effective manufacturing method. We work on a cost-plus basis, we will give a very honest quotation to build what exactly you are expecting. We have a reputation for making only top quality brass forgings and we stand behind our work. We think you will really like working with our company. CFS Forge is also glad to give you the references of our many US customers that can tell you the kind of services we can offer.

Looking for a reliable brass forging company from China? Pls feel free to contact us!

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