Brass Forging & Machining for Fire Fighting System

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Fire fighting is the act of attempting to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant unwanted fires in buildings, vehicles, woodlands, etc. Firefighters suppress fires with fire extinguisher or fire fighting equipments, which forms a complete fire fighting system.

As the professioal copper forging company. CFS Forge produces lots of brass forged or machined components for various applications, among which, fire fight system is one of the main fields that our brass forgings are served for. Brass forged and machined components for fire extinguishers and fire-fighting systems are mainly customized according to our client’s drawings or samples.

Brass Forging & Machining for Fire Fighting System

CFS company has individual forging and machining workshops, so all production stages are carried out in-house and guaranteed by district quality control system, including material testing, forging defects inspection, machining accuracy test, ect. All these in-house operations in our factory ensure high efficiency, high precision and production flexibility, and our customers can source finished machined parts or forged parts only, whatever they like.

Typical brass forged and machined components for fire-fighting systems:

  • Valve body for fire extinguisher
  • Pressure regulator body
  • Special brass fittings

If you are in fire fighting industry and looking for a manufacturer for your brass forged components, pls contact us. We will offer you the best solution!

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