Copper Forging Company

CFS Forge has been providing copper, brass and bronze forgings to our overseas customers since 2001. Based on closed die hot forging process, our copper forging company can supply OEM services for copper forgings ranging from 0.01kg-20kgs.

Currently, our factory covers 20,000 squre meters and has totally 230 staff, with 198 workers, 6 engineers, 8 QC person, 10 sales person and 8 administrative staff. In our forging workshop, there are 6 production lines in different production capabilites for all types of forged copper parts. Except forging workshop, we are also equipped with tooling workshop, machining workshop, heat treatment workshop, testing & package workshop.

copper forging company

The rich history of large manufacturing ability in China allows us to be the perfect solution for copper alloy based forgings. Whether you require high or low volume production, large or small parts; CFS Forge can save you time and money. Some of the most prestigious OEM companies have selected us as their copper forging manufacturer partner. Our current capacity allows us to provide services for parts anywhere in the 1,000 to 100,000 volume range.

Some of the industries our copper forgings served are:

  • Valve Bodies
  • Air Conditioning
  • Push-to-connect Fittings
  • Laboratory Supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Welding Equipment
  • Switch Gear
  • Plumbing Hardware
  • Environmental Controls
  • Refrigeration
  • Safety Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Power Transmission
  • Microwave Transmission Flanges
  • Door Hardware


Why CFS Copper Forging Company?

Cooperate with CFS Copper Forging Company for your next project. WHY? Lots of companies prefer to purchase copper forgings from China. But you may find out very few Chinese manufacturers can supply quality products as expected.

  • CFS Forge is a Chinese leading drop forging company with in house tooling in Ningbo, China. To deliver superior products to our customers, we are equipped with lots of advanced production equipments (up to 1,250 tons) and testing instruments (hardness tester, spectrum analyzer, CMM, ect).
  • All the raw materials are purchased from domestic best material factory. We enjoy good pricing advantage for our large demands and long term coooperation. Good quality material is the first important factor to produce quality products.
  • Sourcing copper forgings through our company can help to save your cost of tooling up to 50% compared to the USA, and lower down the risk of other copper forging companies in China. Our in-house tooling and machining capabilities can also help our customers to save extra cost compared to outsourcing factories.
  • We have helped our clients to realise their innovation ideas with our rich experience in copper forging. Once the order is confirmed, we will provide a full solution to our customers for approval, and one off free sample will be provided before mass production.

CFS Forge is ISO registered and provides 100% inspection and reporting on each copper forging delivered to its customers, so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. If you have any copper forging project and are looking for a reliable Chinese supplier, pls contact us!