FAQs of Copper Forging

1.  What is copper forging?

Copper forging is a metal forming process that pressing copper bars into desired shapes under the pressure of forging dies.

2. What kinds of copper forgings can we make? Can custom service be supplied from us?

CFS Forge can make all types of forgings in copper, brass and bronze alloys. All the copper forgings produced in our company are all customized from our customers’ drawings or samples.

3. What are the main material specifications of copper forgings?

Copper forging materials can be classified in red copper alloys, brass alloys and bronze alloys. Red copper alloys are C11000, C12000, C10100, C10200, ect. Brass forging alloys include C37700, C36000, C37100,ect. Bronze forging alloys include C83600, C95400, ect.

faqs-of-copper-forgings4. What is the process of copper forgings in our factory?

The production process in our factory for copper forgings is closed die hot forging, which is designed for small parts. For large components, open die forging is the right process.

5. How large of copper forgings can we produce?

With hot forging equipments ranging from 200t to 1,250t, we can produce the largest copper forgings around 15kg, and the smallest is around 0.01kg.

6. Is machining service available after forging?

Of course, machining is also available in CFS Forge. We have been equiped with a whole machining line to meet all the machining requirements for copper forgings.

7. What are the main differences between copper forging and casting?

Steel forging and steel casting are two kinds of different metal forming processes. The main differences are that products after copper forging can achieve higher strength and better mechanical properties than that of casting.

8. How long will it take to finish a sample order and mass production order?

Normally, it will take about 20-30 working days to finish forging dies and samples, and another 35-45 working days for mass production after sample is approved.

9. How does CFS Forge do quality control during the whole production process?

To ensure high quality, we have a whole quality control system for copper forgings. For example, except some production equipments, we also have relevant testing facilities to ensure correct chemical composition and mechanical properties. Besides, 1-2pcs sample will also be provided by free to our customer for testing before mass production.

10. What are the payment terms of CFS Forge?

100% tooling cost prepaid with order, 30% payment of production paid after sample is approved, balance 70% payment of production is paid before delivery.