The Importance of Brass Ball Valve for Pipeline System

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Valves are the most essential devices in any pipeline system. It is placed in such a way that it can control or shut off water supply through the pipes in domestic water supply system or through the gas pipes of industries or in big commercial buildings for water or gas. Most of the valves are made of brass or stainless steel (see the benefit of forged brass). At times brass ball valves are used to control flow of slurry or even sewage.

The Importance of Brass Ball Valve for Pipeline System

Brass ball valves are used mostly for pipelines carrying water or gas. The ends of these valves are compatible with PEX pipes. A brass ball valve consists of forged brass rings with a ball paired to form a conjugate. The valve is highly impermeable and does not allow even moisture. It can maintain temperature difference also. The primary purpose of the valve is to keep two sections of the pipe isolated from each other when it is in a shut state. Any leakage renders it useless and the valve loses its value. It has to be absolutely leak proof as at times it is employed at very crucial points of a pipeline. The design consists of a both thread type as well as the sweat type to solder with the pipes.

Different types of brass ball valves are found depending on the type they use to get attached to the pipes. Each valve is designed to have packing nut and a blow proof stem. The seat is made of Teflon. There is a handle, using which one can control the flow by turning it a 1/4 turn. It is made of steel. Any product can be evaluated on the basis of the quality, performance along with longevity.

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