Tooling & Dies for Copper Forging

Like other metal forgings, copper, brass & bronze forging process also require tooling or dies to finish the production. As copper forgings are made either by hot forging or cold forging, with closed die forging method, both tooling or dies are used. Such toolig or dies can press the copper billets to desired shape and dimensions.

Tooling & Dies for Copper Forgings

For such dies or tooling, there is a high requirement on the strength. So, copper forging dies are usually made of high-alloy or tool steel. Dies must be impact- and wear-resistant, maintain strength at high temperatures, and have the ability to withstand cycles of rapid heating and cooling. In order to produce a better, more economical die the following standards are maintained:

  • The dies part along a single, flat plane whenever possible. If not, the parting plane follows the contour of the part.
  • The parting surface is a plane through the center of the forging and not near an upper or lower edge.
  • Adequate draft is provided;
  • Generous fillets and radii are used.
  • Ribs are low and wide.
  • The various sections are balanced to avoid extreme difference in metal flow.
  • Full advantage is taken of fiber flow lines.
  • Dimensional tolerances are not closer than necessary.


Tooling Cost of Copper Forging

Tooling cost is calculated according to the structure and dimensions of copper forgings. Normally, for a simple copper forged product less than 1kg, we may charge 2000-3000usd. But for larger parts, or thin wall thickness parts, the tooling cost will be increased for added tool material & more complex machining.

So when quoting, we will send us our customer a offical quotation including tooling cost and unit cost.

If CFS company designed, engineered, and manufactured the tooling for your copper forging project, we will maintain that tooling at no additional charge for the life of the part. If the tooling wears out, breaks, or is otherwise damaged, we will repair and maintain it in ideal working condition for as long as you continue to contract with us for part forging.


CFS’ In-house Tooling & Die Capabilities

As a professional copper forging company, CFS Forge has its own tool and die shop, and one of our core competencies is that we can develop and maintain the tool and die for copper, brass & copper forgings ourselves. We can develop precision tooling and dies to forge almost any part at net or near-net shape in precise tolerances. All tooling is custom made at our tooling facility, which helps us ensure the quality and accuracy of our tooling and reduces tooling costs.

We recently built a world class, climate controlled tool and die shop. Our vast in-house tooling manufacturing capabilities ensure quick turnaround of any custom-forged production runs. We produce 100% of our own die requirements internally through the use of CNC high speed mills checked by CMM.

Besides tooling, CFS Forge also have other value added services including heat treatment, machining & surface treatment.